Archangel Air provides a multitude of medical transport services.  If this is your first experience, please know this: 
We handle everything; from bed to bed.
Our flight coordinator will answer all your questions, match an aircraft to the appropriate level of care, handle the insurance and coordinate with the releasing and receiving physicians. 

It all starts with a
phone call to speak with one of our experienced flight coordinators.

We offer a large fleet of aircraft that are equipped with a wide variety of technologically advanced mobile ICU, alon
with medical crew that are highly qualified to care for each patient individually.

Archangel arranges all aspects of medical transport

1) Commercial Air Travel with medical assistance.
2) International travel via ocean liner with 24/7
 medical assistance. Bed to bed, or door to door.
3) Travel via rail or train with 24/7 medical

And/or any combination of the above

- Ground transportation
- Domestic and International medical flights, medical escorts
- Organ Procurement and Transplantation Transport
- Highly trained Flight Nurse and Flight Medic
- Critically ill patients
- Commercial Air Medical Escort
- Organ procurement and recipient transportation
- Direct billing to insurance companies after pre-approval

We transport BLS, ALS, Organ Procurement and Transplantation, and Critical Care:

BLS patients need minimal external life support, but are in need of monitoring and potential care during transport.

ALS patients need a higher level of transport care.  These patients are typically suffering from a trauma, burns or cardiac failure, they may suffer from a variety of other conditions. ALS transports may require the equipment and medical flight care to handle BLS functions as well as cardiac defibrillation, ability to control and monitor dysrhythmias, administer drugs, and establish and maintain respiratory airways.

Organ Procurement and Transplantation transport is one of the most important services we provide. Literally every minute counts during transplant surgery and our fast and efficient transport service can help with the success of these procedures.

Critical Care patients require the highest level of care. These patients who are severely ill or injured, are provided a Critical Care medical crew which may include a physician or other specialty staff.

We specialize in providing the highest care for our patients.  We will arrange every aspect of this transport to allow you the time to focus on what is most important, you and your family.